Gauteng Premier’s report recommends not scrapping etolls -

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imageGauteng Premier’s report recommends not scrapping etolls -

Etolls in current form place "a burden on low and middle income households", but don't expect them to go anywhere.

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  • Gavin13Gavin13 Johannesburg
    Who cares
    None of us will pay anyway.....
  • No surprise at all. Is anyone really going to challenge Zuma on any policy. Zuma has a R200 mil dept he has to pay and the only way to source the money is through corruption
  • More than 25% of the current fuel price is tax that is meant to go to the maintenance and upgrades of our roads. Where is this money going? Why is it not being used for what it is meant to be used for? I don't see why we should be taxed twice. First on our fuel, then by e-tolls. This Mr Makura, is not fair on the public. More than R30 Billion a year is lost to corruption, there is your road fund, go get it back!
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