PayGate to make it easier for startups to sell products online -

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imagePayGate to make it easier for startups to sell products online -

One of the biggest barriers for an online company is how they will get people to transact with them

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    I believe there's already something similar on the market... PayPal, right? In fact, you could set up a fully functional e-commerce store catering to the overseas market pretty much overnight. It's very easy to use PayPal as a credit card checkout system, afterwhich you transfer your funds in an SA account via FNB every 30 days. The complex part, you see, is SA banking regulations. Whole EU and US markets work very well with PayPal, SA does not due to short-sighted banking regulations. The problem is not the lack of a platform, the problem is SA banking regulations complicating the process. PayGate is nothing more than a blatant ripoff catering to an economy which has yet to realise the potential of existing platforms.
  • Very true - but in this case I'm happy with something ripping off ideas from somewhere else (great artists steal and all that) if it's making it work in the local context. Let's face it, if PayPal really cared about SA it would be more widespread than it is now.

    Personal experience of PayPal - like most US tech companies it's great when it works, when it doesn't you can't talk to anyone about it and they'll not do anything to help through the online channels. I lost the equivalent of R14 000 in a dodgy eBay transaction just before I left the UK (Paid for a laptop, laptop not delivered). PayPal refused to help.
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