B-Wise: Inside government's new health mobisite for youth - htxt.africa

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imageB-Wise: Inside government's new health mobisite for youth - htxt.africa

The Department Of Health's new site is targeted at youths aged 10 to 24.

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  • I would like the Tech Industry in South Africa to realize how far behind we are. For example the internet - Although Telkom and Vumatel is starting with fiberhoods they cannot support areas with even normal 4mbps copper and have a very small amount of servers to support our country's needs. The cost of our internet is way to expensive as the American ISP Xfinity provides 25 MBPS with TV subscription and phone network uncapped for only 45 dollars which is around 600 rand a month. Our cellular network is also way behind as only main cities have the new 4G technology. There are plans that LG, Intel and Samsung are already developing 5G and would start in 2020. This is a setback for our counrty. All of our computer hardware is overpriced like laptops, harddrives, CPU's and GPU's. I would like South Africa to see what is happening and that we must do something to get back on track in our technology side!
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