No more data charges for users of MTN's FrontRow VOD service -

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imageNo more data charges for users of MTN's FrontRow VOD service -

You can now stream all the shows and films without incurring data charges.

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  • This should not be allowed, it violates the core of net neutrality.
  • @{Manfred Higgs} I find it quite interesting that the net neutrality debate in South Africa is pretty low key and not really on many people's radars - but that now Naspers has a video streaming service in ShowMax it might actually start coming to the fore in a way that matters to people.

    Since they'll no doubt be the biggest VOD service and don't own a network I see a couple of scenarios that would be good for those of us who want the debate to happen more vigorously.

    Either ShowMax throws its weight behind net neutrality and starts making a stink because of promotions like these (especially if its own service quality is degraded as a result) or it'll partner with a particular provider to start offering premium access - which should have consumers up in arms (or at least give those of us who care something tangible to show people why it matters).
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