[YEAR IN REVIEW] What happened in December 2014? - htxt.africa

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image[YEAR IN REVIEW] What happened in December 2014? - htxt.africa

Loadshedding and an SABC scandal round off the year.

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  • snorbaardsnorbaard Johannesburg
    I liked the idea of this year-in-review, but making it twelve separate posts and spreading it out so long that it took till the 2nd of Jan to get to the end kind of ruined it for me.
    Maybe next year do one nice big post for us to delight over, rather than diluting all your clicks.
  • @snorbaard Fair enough - it was something we discussed in the office but we kept it separate mainly because we're closed except for emergencies for the break, so wanted to keep something at least turning over on the site. Next year will be different - we'll almost certainly have a skeleton staff working over the holiday period and keeping up with the news. So the review posts will be more succinct.
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